Bielefeld Sensor and Actuator Interface

BonSAI is a robot behavior abstraction layer written in Java. It aims to provide a simple interface to various functions of a robotic system and can define behaviors and skills according to these functions.
This leads to e.g. reusable behaviors (follow a person) that can be facilitated for more complex tasks or scenarios of a robot.

API doc trunk: http://docs.clf.cit-ec.de/BonSAI-trunk-javadoc/apidocs/index.html

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Latest news

bonsai.behaviors available
The bonsai.behaviors are now available.
Added by Frederic Siepmann about 10 years ago

0.11.0 releases
BonSAI 0.11.0 release is out.
Added by Frederic Siepmann about 10 years ago

Moved to git
bonsai moved from svn to git
Added by Frederic Siepmann about 10 years ago

BonSAI API Doc online
API Doc for BonSAI available online http://docs.clf.cit-ec.de/BonSAI-trunk-javadoc/apidocs/index.html
Added by Frederic Siepmann almost 11 years ago

BonSAI 0.10.0
New release 0.10.0 is out with maven and SCXML support
Added by Frederic Siepmann about 11 years ago

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