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The CITEC Open Research Server hosts Open Source software and Open Data projects related to cognitive interaction evolved from the research at the Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology . We invite you to use our software and databases for your projects and collaborate with us in development.

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TCS Alignment Toolbox : TCS Alignment Toolbox Version 2.1.2
The new version of the TCS Alignment Toolbox provides support for Dynamic Time Warping and Metric Learning as well as CSV export and import of Sequences.
Added by Benjamin Paassen 5 days ago

TCS Alignment Toolbox : Demonstrator for Educational Dataming 2015
At the EDM Conference 2015 we presented a Demo for the TCS Alignment Toolbox in Intelligent Tutoring Systems. This demonstrator is now available here.
Added by Benjamin Paassen 5 days ago

TCS Alignment Toolbox : TCS Alignment Toolbox Version 2.0.0
Version 2.0.0 of the Toolbox is fully available on maven. The architecture has been revised. New algorithms and new comparators are available. In particular the toolbox now supports Algebraic Dynamic Programming.
Added by Benjamin Paassen 2 months ago

Finite State Machine Based Testing: FSMT 0.18 Releases
FSMT 0.18 has been released and now features remote (SSH) process execution
Added by Florian Lier 4 months ago

Finite State Machine Based Testing: Websocket Connection Feature has been removed
Websocket Connection feature has been removed. Please see issue #382 for details
Added by Florian Lier 5 months ago

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Latest projects

  • admintest (2015-07-01 10:37)
  • GazeTK (2015-06-12 15:02)
  • stuff (2015-04-02 15:43)

    stuff - Scientist's Treasure of Useful Files and Forms

    General Git: https://openresearch.cit-ec.de/git/stuff.git
    Textile2Table Git: https://openresearch.cit-ec.de/git/stuff.textile2table.git

  • TCS Alignment Toolbox (2014-07-28 12:33)

    This Java Toolbox provides several algorithms to align two input sequences, where your sequential data is allowed to be multimodal and multidimensional. We also provide additional tools to inspect the alignment results in more detail or even calculate derivatives of the alignment w.r.t. metric parameters such that you can optimize the alignment parameters according to some cost function. It is written in Java 1.7. and is also compatible with Matlab (version 2013b or higher)....

  • SCIE: Spinal Cord Injury Information Extraction (2014-06-30 10:07)

    The purpose of SCIE — Spinal Cord Injury Information Extraction — is to extract relevant information about pre-clinical experiments on spinal cord injury treatments from bio-medical research papers. SCIE tries to accomplish this goal by using a large ontological database, a set of manually defined rules and machine learning....