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The CITEC Open Research Server hosts Open Source software and Open Data projects related to cognitive interaction evolved from the research at the Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology . We invite you to use our software and databases for your projects and collaborate with us in development.

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AMiRo-OS: Wiki updated
Wiki now available.
Added by Thomas Schöpping 12 days ago

AMiRo-OS: AMiRo-OS is online
AMiRo-OS is now available for the public.
Added by Thomas Schöpping 4 months ago

TCS Alignment Toolbox : TCS Alignment Toolbox Version 3.0.0
Version 3 of the TCSAlignmentToolbox is released. Arbitrary Lists can be used as input now. Removal of data structure overhead speeds up alignments significantly.
Added by Benjamin Paassen 4 months ago

TCS Alignment Toolbox : TCS Alignment Toolbox 2.1.2 Hotfix
Enabled null values and fixed handling of dtw operations in Operations and FlexibleGrammar.
Added by Benjamin Paassen about 1 year ago

GazeTK : GazeTk under finalists in the SMI Programming Challenge
GazeTk has just been nominated as one of the four finalists for the SMI Programming Challenge at this years European Conference on Eye Movement Research.
Added by Thies Pfeiffer about 1 year ago

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