Organisation CITEC -- Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology, Bielefeld University
Projects It's OWL:
Project Descriptions This corpus consists of annotations of Amazon reviews for different product categories in the languages German and English. The reviews themselves are not part of this data publication.
Title USAGE sentiment analysis corpus
Version 1.0.1
Date 2014-03-14
Creators Roman Klinger
Contributors Frederike Strunz, Luci Fillinger, Robin Schiewer, Philipp Cimiano
License The annotations provided as part of this corpus are available under the Open Data Commons Attribute
License (ODB-By) v1.0. It can be accessed at This
does not include the actual reviews, which are not part of this distribution.
Description The data is described in the according paper: Roman Klinger, Philipp Cimiano. "The USAGE review corpus for fine-grained, multi-lingual opinion analysis". Language Resources and Evaluation Conference. May 2014. Reykjavik. Iceland.
Keywords Sentiment Analysis, Relation Extraction, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Reviews, Corpus
Format CSV
Acknowledgements The development of this database has been funded by the “It’s OWL” project (“Intelligent Technical Systems Ostwestfalen- Lippe”,, a leading-edge cluster of the German Ministry of Education and Research and by the Excellence Cluster EXC 277 Cognitive Interaction Technology. The Excellence Cluster EXC 277 is a grant of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) in the context of the German Excellence Initiative.
Updates Updates to these data will be available at

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