Robot Reality - A motion capture system that makes robots become human and vice versa

The RobotReality System allows a human operator to control an anthropomorphic robotic head by wearing a combined motion capture and display helmet. It allows the direct and live transfer of human facial
expressions, gaze and head movements to a humanoid robotic head, and at the same time displays the scene as perceived by the robot’s vision sensors. Beside direct control, the system can also record human motion datasets for analysis or later playback.

This projects hosts all elements you need to build and set up a RobotReality System on your own. This includes CAD files, Assembly instructions, Software repositories and the installation and usage manual. Please refer to the associated publication at the ICRA2013 conference .

Please refer to the Wiki for assembly instructions and a software installation guideline.

SVN: https://opensource.cit-ec.de/svn/robotreality/trunk/

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Manager: Simon Schulz
Developer: Ingo Lütkebohle
Reporter: Frederic Siepmann