FSMT 0.20 Released

Added by Florian Lier about 7 years ago

FSMT now features a remote stop function using 0MQ. Moreover, FSMT docs are deployed here:$version.
These are the docs for 0.20 (0MQ)

FSMT 0.18 Releases

Added by Florian Lier almost 9 years ago

FSMT 0.18 has been released and now features remote (SSH) process execution: please visit the documentation for detailed information:

Websocket Connection Feature has been removed

Added by Florian Lier about 9 years ago

Websocket Connection feature has been removed (for now). Please see issue #382 for details

FSMT 0.17 Released

Added by Florian Lier about 9 years ago

Version 0.17

  • Performance Improvements (stoutobserver)
  • Faster log reader (decreased sleep values, some more CPU usage tough)
  • Fixed Exception in STDOUT observer (if component name not defined)
  • Improved Log Messages (more meaningful)
  • Added Softlink feature to latest run of a test (*.zip and *.xml files)
  • Switched from mixed indent to spaces only
  • Dropped 79 chars line width, as defined by pep-8 coding standards, to improve readability (pep tests will fail)
  • Removed fsmt-*-tools from installation since they are only used during unit testing

SCXML Transition Event Name Has Changed!

Added by Florian Lier over 9 years ago

The SCXML Transition Event Name Has Changed! What does that mean?
In earlier versions the transition event was names sth. like:


NOW, the event is named, i.e,


This happened in order to provide a more meaningful console output and execution logic. On the downside you will need to regenerate your existing scxml files using the fsmt_iniparser.


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