Bug #598

OpenCV build fails with compiler error, because incompatible protoc is used

Added by Robert Haschke 2 months ago.

Status:NewStart date:2021-07-12
Priority:HighDue date:
Assignee:Thorben Markmann% Done:


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Recently Thorben Markmann changed cmake options for opencv-plus-contrib-cuda to BUILD_PROTOBUF=OFF.
This requires an external, up-to-date protobuf compiler (OpenCV uses protoc 3.5.2 internally by default otherwise).

However, Ubuntu 18.04 ships with 3.0.0 only. Hence, with that option enabled, I get the following compiler error:
error: no match for ‘operator[]’ (operand types are ‘const google::protobuf::RepeatedField<long int>’ and ‘int’)

Probably, Thorben, you use your own (newer) version of protoc.
If so, please configure the cmake option locally for your distro instead of breaking all other existing distros.

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