Bug #408

Delay/framedropping in AsapRealizer rendering when closing the injector

Added by Herwin van Welbergen about 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2015-03-26
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When sending a BML message to AsapRealizer using the iu-injector, rendering/movement temprorarly stalls. This seems to occur AFTER the message is delivered, e.g. while the injector is closing. If the Python UI or Java UIs to send BML over IPAACA is used, the delay does not occur.

  • Insert a delay after sending the message
  • Keep the OutputBuffer open.
Open questions:
  • Does this only occur in Python?
  • Does this occur for every closing of an outputbuffer?


#1 Updated by Hendrik Buschmeier about 9 years ago

We conjectured that the problem may lie on the side of rsb and the new introspection feature introduced in 0.11. Destroying an informer might involve heavy housekeeping or otherwise impacts rsb performance.

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