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10:15 IPAACA Revision 98140cd8 (ipaaca): improved metrics
10:09 IPAACA Revision 77764094 (ipaaca): Added ipaaca-ping and ipaaca-pong pair
Start ipaaca-pong on one system to listen for and reply to ping IUs.
ipaaca-ping on the other hand will send these pi...


12:52 IPAACA Revision 3322d3d3 (ipaaca): added traceback to logger main


16:45 IPAACA Revision c49795f2 (ipaaca): Third time's the charm
16:38 IPAACA Revision eea86dcc (ipaaca): pthread?
16:31 IPAACA Revision e0be7ae7 (ipaaca): C++ / Linux: pthread


17:17 IPAACA Revision b3e26944 (ipaaca): local boost cmake script
16:42 IPAACA Revision fa4f3e63 (ipaaca): C++ Windows: 64-bit compatibility; infer plugin path from SOA_REPO_DIR


17:33 IPAACA Revision 16022b9d (ipaaca): C++: bumped nominal protocol version to 3.0, release number 15
(due to the changed remote method signatures)
Note: the Protobuf protocol has in fact not changed, so old
programs t...
17:29 IPAACA Revision b2ddb615 (ipaaca): C++: ipaaca-json component: inserted some delays for testing resend.
(Note: should be removed later / merged into ipaaca-tester-cpp).

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