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14:16 Cognitive Interaction Toolkit Revision 7d9a4dc3 (projects): set movinghead to master


22:47 Image Component Library Bug #503 (Closed): Runtime linking fails
Did this is "fix-cmake-prefix": I am not sure if this will influen...
22:35 Image Component Library Bug #352 (Closed): Incoherent function argument names and/or bad documentation
I ported your issue to Github. You can find it "here": I will close this issue...
22:26 Image Component Library Bug #502 (Closed): OpenCV ORB features are pure virtual
As mentioned in #501, ICL builds with OpenCV 3.1 (Artful Ubuntu), OpenCV 3.2 (Windows) and OpenCV 3.3 (High Sierra).
22:23 Image Component Library Bug #499: Does not build with C++98
Hi Timo,
I know this issue is quite old but do you still face this issue? Is it still relevant? What is your targe...
22:21 Image Component Library Bug #501 (Closed): Does not build with OpenCV 3.2
Tested it with OpenCV 3.1 (Ubuntu Artful), 3.2 (Windows 10) and 3.3 (High Sierra). Should be okay I guess.
22:18 Image Component Library Bug #498 (Closed): Incorrect check for OpenCV in CMakeLists
Structure of FindCMake changed. Passing `OPENCV_ROOT` has no effect. Has been changed to...
22:15 Image Component Library Bug #384 (Closed): create_rot_4x4() creates non-orthogonal rotation matrices
22:15 Image Component Library Feature #118 (Closed): make configurable methods const
22:15 Image Component Library Feature #106 (Closed): Replace TestImage Framework by real image files

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