• Install "Arduino IDE":
  • Start, and define your Arduino Folder (for example, <tt>Arduino</tt> in your home directory)
  • Install Arduino board definition according to guide, depending on your platform:
  • Test board with the "Examples/Digital/Blink" sketch: should blink onboard LED
  • Install base libraries (Adafruit Howto)
    • Open Library Manager: Sketch -> Include Library -> Manage Libraries
    • Install and test (depending on what you need):
      • Motion/Orientation Sensor: Adafruit Sensors and Adafruit BNO55 (Docs)
      • RGB LEDs: Adafruit Neopixel (Docs)
        • In example sketches, change/add our LED Specifics:
          #define LED_PIN    A3
          #define LED_COUNT 2
        • On the Adafruit ESP32 Feather, Pin A3 is not output capable (you will see according errors in the serial monitor); use another pin (e.g., 21) and connect it to A3 (which will be input-only). This is expected to be fixed in a future revision.
      • LRA Haptics Driver: Adafruit DRV2605 (Docs)
        • The example sketches need to be modified for LRA actuator type and to explicitly enable the DRV2605, add/modify setup() to contain:
            // before drv.begin()
            pinMode(A1, OUTPUT);
            digitalWrite(A1, HIGH);
            // after
            // todo: drive voltage!
      • Real Time Clock: SparkFun Qwiic RTC RV1805 Arduino Library (Docs)
  • Check out some exanples:
    git clone