ICL 5.17.0 release

This new version of ICL comes up with fundamental changes in the Grabber class interface and several other fixes.
Added by Christof Elbrechter almost 9 years ago

The new version of ICL provides the following features and bug fixes:

New Features
  • Added extra makefile variable ARCHITECTURE_DEPENDENT_BUILD. The build uses g++'s '-march=native' only if this is explicitly set to TRUE
  • Added 'visible'-flag to the SceneObject class (this can be used to hide/show SceneObject instances)
  • Replaced former SimpleMatrix<T> class by a new class called Array2D that provides the same features, but uses a more intuitive interface and row-major memory layout
  • Added new GUI components for forcing certain image parameters when images are published using the built-in gui-tab 'capture'
  • extended console-progress methods
  • added -rotate to the 'icl-convert' tool
  • added built-in superquadrics visualization (SceneObject can now also be superquadrics)
  • applied some fundamental changes in the Grabber class
  • removed former desired-params related methods
  • restructured the way images are created
  • replaced const ImgBase*grabUD(ImgBase**dst) by const ImgBase*acquireImage()
  • acquireImage does no longer have to care about desired parameters -> it only creates a new image
  • the Grabber's grab()-method does now care automatically for using desired parameters
  • The user can also choose to use only one or two of the desired parameters rather than

all or none of them

  • desired parameters are now set using template methods (T can be depth, format and Size)
  • void useDesired<T>(const T&)
  • void ignoreDesired<T>()
  • T getDesired<T>() const
  • bool desiredUsed<T>() const
Bug fixes
  • Fixed canny edge detector
  • Fixed copy constructor in ButtonHandle class
  • some makefile dependent fixes regarding GLX support
  • Fixed transparency issues in the scene class
  • Fixed SceneObject::setColor bug
  • some code cleanup in the Widget class
  • Added some heuristics to enhance the robustness for exporting image from the GUI tab 'capture'
  • fixed non-gui mode of icl-pipe
  • some fixed in the documentation's style.css
  • fixed throw-list in the PoseEstimator class (the list was not complete, which sometimes caused std::bad_exceptions)
  • some OSX-build related fixes