ICL 5.16.0 released

This new version contains several bug-fixes and also some new features in ICL's ICLUtils, ICLQt and ICLGeom packages
Added by Christof Elbrechter almost 12 years ago

The new version of ICL provides the following features and bug fixes:

  • New class called Hit that represents Intersections between SceneObjects and ViewRays
  • Optimized scene- object picking including methods to get all objects that are intersected by a given view ray
  • New method to render use an ICL-image as OpenGL texture, that is put on a quad
  • Added scalable text visualization to the DrawWidget class (negative text sizes now indicate that the text size is given in image-pixels instead of in screen pixels. Therefore the text size is scaled in zoom mode)
  • Added static methods Any::ptr to encode/decode pointers as instances of type Any
  • Added direct pointer assignment methods to the SmatrPtr and SmartArray classes
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Scene's off-screen rendering mechanism, that now works on most Linux machines
  • Several fixed and optimizations for object picking
  • fixes in the makefile system regarding libfreenect and GLX support
  • Textures are not illuminated correctly
  • Bug fixes in the ConfigFile class (now entries can be overwritten correctly)
  • Fixed 2 serious bugs in the Camera's ViewRay computation
  • Several further bug fixes regarding GLX-support