ICL 5.15.0 released

The new version comes up with fundamental improvements in ICLGeom's Scene class including a Scene-Graph implementation as well as with basic Mac-OSX support
Added by Christof Elbrechter almost 12 years ago

The new version of ICL comes up with the following new features:
  • added new property to DCGrabber
  • added basic Mac-OSX Support
  • minor improvements in icl-pipe
  • extened ICLGeom's Scene and SceneObject class in order to provide a scene graph implementation
  • applied some major improvements to the camera calibration tool icl-cam-calib (cameras can now be calibrated without a calibration object by manually associating world coordinates to image points
  • replaced ICLGeoms fallback ImgQ-rendering pipeline by a much more sophisticated rendering method that uses hardware accelerated off-screen rendering
  • changed the SceneObjects normal storage
  • added lights to the Scene class (these can be used to defined OpenGL light-properties)
  • removed redundant methods for setting the default view-port in instances of ICLWidget and it's subclasses (the new method is called setViewPort)
  • Added linear-interpolating index-operator to the Channel-class template
  • Added a method to specify DC-Cameras by their unique model ID
  • Added a method to pick objects in Scenes

Bug fixes:

  • fixed initialization of the CamCfgWidget's components
  • added some 64bit fixes
  • reimplemented libfreenect wrapper by using libfreenect's C-interface