ICL 5.10.0 released

Added by Christof Elbrechter about 12 years ago

The new version comes up with the following major changes:
  • Full integration of Carsten Schürmanns Myrmex tactile device
    (simply use icl-camviewer -input myr 0 to grab images)
  • new embedded GUI component 'color' that can be used to conveniently
    choose a color at runtime
  • new lookup-table function 'lut' was directly integrated into the Img<T>
    template class
  • new PseudoColorConverter class was added to the ICLCC package
Further fixed:
  • fixed overlayed rendering of rectangles
    (these were shifted by dx=dy=0.5 pixels before)
  • fixed some documentation issues
  • fixed problem with icl-create-project script in particular, when the script
    is called with the --update option
  • further minor fixes