XTT 3.1 Released

XTT 3.1 has been released. It features per-client ordered delivery of tasks also when using the XCF transport.
Added by Ingo L├╝tkebohle almost 12 years ago

A new release of XTT, version 3.1, is now available via Maven.

Update Update release 3.1.2 is now available and fixes an important issue when sequence numbers do not start from zero. Please use it instead.

Previously, when using the XCF transport and initiating tasks very rapidly, their execution could be out-of-order, because XCF does not guarantee ordered delivery of the invocation messages. XTT 3.1 now includes a feature to ensure in-order execution for tasks from the same client. This behavior is optional, but activated by default, because it is what most people would expect.

XTT 3.1.1 is still fully backwards compatible, but ordering will only work if both client and server use XTT 3.1 and up.