ICL 6.7.0 Released

In the last month, many changes have been applied to different parts of ICL. The new version comes up (among others) with OpenCL support for point-cloud processing and with a powerful new 2D plotting component
Added by Christof Elbrechter over 12 years ago

New Features
  • Added a very powerful 2D plotting/data visualization component for 1D and 2D data
  • Added a full screen mode for all image-visualization and plot components (accessible by a new button or F11)
  • Added tool-tips for the blue special buttons of ICLWidgets
  • Added OpenCL dependency for
  • Added normal estimation for 3D point clouds such as the Kinect 3D image (the OpenCL version is 2 magnitudes faster)
  • Added point cloud class
  • Added new features to the icl-rotate-image-3D tool
  • Optimized marker 6D pose estimation by adding two iterative methods (brute force and simplex based optimization)
  • Added a powerful "downhill simplex"-algorithm framework for iterative optimizations
  • Reimplemented the FileGrabber class using the "pimpl" pattern
  • Added FileGrabber option "loop", which can be set to false to grab all images only once
  • Fundamentally restructured the ImageUndistortion classes
  • Added built-in support to the GenericGrabber for image un-distortion
  • Added a FileGrabber property "frame-index" that allows for random seek within the list of files
  • Made SliderHandle and FSlider handle also provide information about their display component
  • Added homography- and marker-based calibration for mapping of Kinects RGB and depth camera
  • Added the MultiCamFiducialDetectorclass that allows Fiducial-Marker pose estimation from several cameras
  • Completely reimplemented ICL's texture map engine, that is used to render images as OpenGL texture
  • Complete redesign of the Primitive class for SceneObjects
  • Added Shared Textures to the SceneObject class
  • Added OpenGL smoothing options for lines, points and faces to the SceneObject class
  • Made SceneObject locking more easy and transparent

New Experimental Features
  • Made some progress with the Gigabit-Ethernet grabber implementation

Adaptions for the Build System
  • Added post-install script that fixes group write permissions in the install path
  • Fixed bug, that ICL did not compile if Qt is available, but OpenGL not
  • Added configuration scripts for the continuous integration server
  • Added the ICL-build version to the Doxygen title

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the bug that nothing was returned in the FiducialDetectorPluginART
  • Fixed DynMatrix::solve, which does NOT necessarily need squared matrices
  • Fixed bug in the V4L2 Grabber that did sometimes return NULL images after instantiation
  • Fixed Homography2D that did not work for n != 4 points
  • Fixed Memory Leak in the FileWriterPlugin
  • Fixed property listing of the GenericGrabber
  • Fixed some Properties in the FileGrabber that were not handled correctly
  • Fixed bug, that -force-size option did not work in icl-cam-calib-2
  • Fixed bug in CoplanarPointPoseEstimator that did not handle the reference frame correctly
  • Fixed bug in PoseEstimator (an unexpected exception caused C++ to throw a std::bad_exception)
  • Fixed color bug in SceneObject