2.0 release

XTT 2.0, with support for both XCF and RSB, has been released.
Added by Ingo L├╝tkebohle over 12 years ago

After internal use for a while, XTT's 2.0 version is now marked as stable.


Apart from these, you need either xcf4j or rsb 0.5.


Compared to the previous beta, these are the important changes:

New Features

  • Implemented XML support for RSB (previously, only specific types were possible)
  • Removed the use of XOPData, to get rid of the XCF4J dependency
  • Refactored the middleware abstraction layer to be independent of (but still contained in) XTT
  • Add more support for updateable tasks

Bug Fixes

  • Fix updateSpec for updateable tasks
  • Fix origin setting in createDerived
  • Fix xpath's in XCF server base classes to accept updates (regression)
  • Handle edge cases when update is received before initiation (can happen due to message reordering in XCF)


The 2.0 release includes work by
  • Jan Moringen
  • Maikel Linke