ICL 6.3.2 released

After a couple of month, we'll give an overview about recent ICL advancements. In particular, ICL does not provide built-in marker detection for all common marker types.
Added by Christof Elbrechter over 12 years ago

ICL 6.xx

ICL 6.0.0 was introduced in May 2011. It came up with a whole new ICL-package called ICLMarkers. The new Marker package provides a very powerful marker detection framework, that is able to detect most common fiducial markers such as
  • ARToolkit markers
  • ARToolkit+/Studierstube-tracker (BCH coded) markers
  • Hierarchical libfidtrack markers (Amoeba and others)
  • ICL's special marker types

Fundamental new Featuers

  • new package ICLMarkers for detection of all common fiducial marker types.
  • brand new Implementation for the KinectGrabber that does not support all kinect image types (even IR)
  • added ProcessMonitor + GUI component 'ps' that allows to show process information in real time
  • added a complete new camera calibration tool that allows for marker based calibration
  • added icl-show-scene tool, that allows to visualize a scene and different camera views
  • added an implementation of an LLM (local linear map) network (+examples)
  • added simple to use, but powerful blur function to the ICLQuick package
  • added a new class: TemplateTracker
  • added PylonGrabber for Basler GIG-E cameras (still experimental)
  • improved prog-arg based grabber instantiation: now you can e.g. call "icl-camviewer -i dc 800@property=value"
  • improved the ICLProject makefile system: installed libraries are now make-targets
  • added a virtual customRender() method to the scene Object class
  • added V42L based grabber for USB-webcam image sources
  • reimplemented the DynColVector and the DynRowVector class

Smaller advancements

  • added Levenberg Marquard optimization (+example)
  • added superquadric fitting
  • restructured ICLGeom's CoordinateFrame-scene object
  • added smoothing to the ColorSegmentationOp class interface
  • added stepped sliders to the Configurable GUI
  • added convex hull computation for Point32fs
  • added 3D-image rotation tool
  • added new cast-method to ImgBase (e.g. image->as8u() ...)
  • added scene.getAllCameras()
  • added a new feature to the ImageRectification class to disable automatic point ordering and checking
  • added 3 more possible types to the Configurable interface (int, float and string)
  • added DynMatrix::big_matrix_pinv(...)
  • added execute_process to the Quick API
  • added TextTable utility class
  • made setPropertyValue and getPropertyValue of Configurable mutable exclusive using a Mutex instance
  • added DynMatrix:: saveCSV and loadCSV

(important) Bug-fixes

  • removed Mutex::Locker(mutex) from the GenericGrabbers destructor
  • fixed SteppingRange io
  • fixed png-reader for 4 channel (rgba) images
  • fixed an issue in the ColorSegmentationOp class that caused problems when loading LUTs with 16Bit size
  • fixed bug in DynMatrix multiplication
  • fixed ConfigFile creation
  • fixed typo in IconFactory
  • fixed missing implementation of Scene::getDrawCoordinateFrameEnabled
  • fixed combo-box creation in the Configurable - GUI