XTT 2.0 beta

XTT 2.0 beta is now available, supporting both RSB and XCF.
Added by Ingo Lütkebohle over 12 years ago

This week, Jan Moringen and I worked together on a new XTT version, which now supports both the eXtensible Communication Framework (XCF), as well as the new Robotic Service Bus (RSB) framework, XCF's successor. While this new version did not undergo much testing so far, unit tests are running and the 2.0 beta can now be download in the Files section (or by clicking on the link).

The XCF version is backwards compatible on the network level, but there have been some slight API changes. Most importantly, instead of passing in an ActiveMemory, the service classes now expect TaskServerBus and TaskClientBus implementations matching the middleware used. For the release version, we will add a Factory that can construct the appropriate version automatically.


When used with XCF, XTT requires XCF4J 1.3, Log4J, XOM, Jaxen, and our xmltools library. A bundle for these is available from the Files section. It also integrates with our FTS project, but this is not required.

When used with RSB, XTT requires rsb 0.4, rst, log4j, google protocol buffers, xom, and jaxen. All of these are also included in the dependency jar files in the Files section.