Welcome to the CITEC Open Research Server.

The CITEC Open Research Server hosts Open Source software and Open Data projects related to cognitive interaction evolved from the research at the Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology . We invite you to use our software and databases for your projects and collaborate with us in development.

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TCS Alignment Toolbox : Initial Release TCSAlignmentToolbox 1.3.2
The TCSAlignmentToolbox is now released and ready for download.
Added by Benjamin Paassen 23 days ago

Surface mesh: Surface_mesh 1.0 released!
Added by Daniel Sieger 9 months ago

Bonsai: bonsai.behaviors available
The bonsai.behaviors are now available.
Added by Frederic Siepmann about 1 year ago

Bonsai: 0.11.0 releases
BonSAI 0.11.0 release is out.
Added by Frederic Siepmann about 1 year ago

Bonsai: Moved to git
bonsai moved from svn to git
Added by Frederic Siepmann about 1 year ago

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Latest projects

  • TCS Alignment Toolbox (2014-07-28 12:33)
  • LDPK: Linked Data Productivity Kit (2014-06-30 10:07)

    This software kit offers an out of the box solution for publishing linked data that follows Linked Data best practices.

  • BRIX 2 (2014-05-30 14:05)

    BRIX₂ is a compact, extensible and easy-to-use physical computing platform.

  • Finite State Machine Based Testing (2014-05-12 14:04)

    This framework introduces a generic and configurable state machine based process: F inite S tate M achine T esting to automate environment setup, system bootstrapping, functional system tests, result assessment, exit and clean-up strategy....

  • Hand trajectory data (2014-03-24 12:07)

    This archive contains the hand trajectory data of 25 participants. During the experiments, each participant completed several of the obstacle point configurations. These point configurations are detailed in the figure which can be found in the README contained in the zip file and can also be found in the MAT file 'pointConfigurations.mat'....